Wednesday, August 1, 2018

… and there they were – Gone!

Late on the evening of the 30th July, my last youngster, alone in the box since the 29th, was joined just as it was getting dark, first by one parent & then 10/15 mins later by the other parent.

* * * * *

Their night vision must be excellent because they both just zoomed in, as if from nowhere, straight back into their nest box ... at speed. It was a very quiet evening & I clearly heard the woosh as each one flew back in & the slight clunk as each one hit the nest box entrance.

Early the next morning, the 31st July, it had fledged & they had all left, presumably for Africa. I can't believe just how much I miss their daily activity already, still, that's my first Swift nesting season over & my first pair produced 3 youngsters, so well done to them, it's wonderful to see my wee colony finally up & running. 

My boxes went up in 2015, in a rural location here in north Antrim, with no Swift activity, so 3 years is no time at all to have to wait for them to get started & now I have 2019 to look forward to ... onwards & upwards. :-)

* * * * *

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