Wednesday, August 1, 2018

My Swifts have surprised me once again!

My Swifts have surprised me once again! 😮

* * * * *

I spent most of yesterday in my garden again & despite frequent checks back to watch for any signs of life in the nest box, I saw none. Nor did I see any Swifts in flight the whole day, so I felt sure that they'd actually left & the last youngster must have fledged with them.

However, as I walked down my garden with my dogs this morning, around 9.30am, I was surprised to see 3 Swifts in the sky just to the West of my garden.

So it looks like the adults & last youngster must have spent another night in the nest box. Unfortunately I only had a landscape lens on my camera, so I was only able to get black speck shots of them. Now I'm wondering, will this really be the last time I'm going to see them .... or will they surprise me again! 😉 😀
 * * * * *
This is the landscape shot of them at 9.30, taken from my garden.
* * * * * 
This is the crop from that image showing the Swifts, 
as no more than three black dots.
* * * * *
This is a Swift-eye view of my garden, looking South, 
from the access hole to their nest box.
* * * * *

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